What’s in a Dream?

by / Friday, 14 August 2015 / Published in What's in a dream

Dreams are messages waiting to be deciphered. Dreams provide a road map or a route to the inaccessible regions in your mind, otherwise known as the unconscious, and our unconsciousness expresses itself through symbolic language in our dream scape.


These symbols and messages give insight and guide us in our waking life, assisting us through various situations or conflicts that we may be experiencing. A dream can give you courage and confidence to face your fear and to confront your issues or struggles head on. Your dream is your message. It is unique to you and reflects any struggles or challenges that you may be facing in your life. Your dreams encapsulate your perception, your feelings, and your thoughts.


Every aspect of your dream is important and valuable, even if it may seem minute and insignificant at the time. Strong and insightful messages come through while dreaming, in your dream state. Various symbols or images may trigger a feeling or a memory.

Through dreams you can access higher wisdom; higher aspects of yourself; qualities and aspects of yourself that you didn’t know existed. You can transform and heal your life through analyzing and understanding your dream messages.   In the dream state you have access to significant information that may not be available to you when awake.


Your dream is much like a window, an opening to your subconscious which can reveal to you answers and your secret desires.   You may not even realize how you truly feel about something until you experience it in your dream state. By tapping into this window of clarity, you can gain relevant knowledge and wisdom and discover more aspects of yourself.


When you are open to receive messages through your dreams, you can heal and transform your life in many ways.   As you do your life begins to unfold, exposing more aspects of you that you didn’t know existed, and as a result you begin evolving as a spiritual being, your true-self, and your soul’s purpose will then be revealed to you.