Epic Dreams

by / Wednesday, 27 July 2016 / Published in Thoughts of a Dreamer

Studies have shown that everybody on earth will experience at least one or more epic type dreams in their life time. “Epic dreams” are also known as “Great Dreams, Cosmic Dreams or Spiritual Dreams”. You will know the moment you wake that you have experienced an epic dream. You feel a sense of enlightenment, an overdose of positive energy flowing through your entire body. You will feel euphoric upon wakening, an extreme state of happiness and confidence, a sensation much …like if you had just won the lottery. Some may feel that they have had an unexplainable life change and they begin to see things from a different perspective. Much like the dream I shared in my book, The Healing Power of Dreams, where the dream that I had received guided me towards healing a relationship with my mother. Epic dreams are so vivid that you will be able to remember them years down the road or perhaps your whole life. Sometimes you may not recall the details of the dream but you know that something wonderful has happened and you feel like you have a new outlook on life. In an Epic Dream images and conversations are so vivid that you can replay the dream as if it happened just yesterday. These types of dreams don’t happen very often for most people but when they do it can be life changing.

What makes the epic dreams so powerful is the emotions you feel upon awakening. It is much like an awakening. You have clarity and can see things from a higher perspective. You have a realization and a new awareness that something has changed or shifted within you. Epic Dreams feel somewhat lucid with a powerful meaning behind it’s message, reflecting on the challenges you may be experiencing in your life.

Believe in the Power of your Dreams